Theseus and Zeus costumes from Immortals...

In Immortals Henry Cavill stars as 'Theseus', a mortal chosen by the king of the Greek gods, 'Zeus', to battle the ruthless 'King Hyperion' before he can free the imprisoned Titans and destroy all humanity and the gods of Olympus.

Original fantasy costumes from Immortals on display
Immortals costume displayImmortals Theseus movie costumeZeus Luke Evans costume ImmortalsImmortals costume exhibit
These two costumes featured in the mythological movie were photographed on display at ArcLight Sherman Oaks cinema on October 17, 2011, where they were installed by Olson Visual.

Immortals movie billboard
Immortals teaser billboard
Eiko Ishioka was Costume Designer on Immortals and you can also see her work in The Cell and Bram Stoker's Dracula amongst other films.

Theseus costume worn by Henry Cavill in Immortals
Henry Cavil Theseus Immortals costumeTheseus Immortals costume
Forbidden to interfere in the wars of mankind, Theseus is a peasant who is chosen by Zeus to lead the fight for humanity against Hyperion (Mickey Rourke), who leads an army in search of the fabled Epirius Bow that will unleash the Titans on the world.
Immortals Theseus armourTheseus leg armour ImmortalsTheseus armoured boots Immortals
This is the battle armour that Henry Cavill wears as the mortal hero, although for most of the movie he's not afraid to show of his well toned physique (well the film is from the producers of 300, after all).

Immortals movie poster wall at ArcLight Sherman Oaks
Immortals poster wallImmortals movie wall
Also included in the exhibit was the costume worn by Luke Evans as father of the Greek Pantheon, Zeus.

Costume worn by Luke Evans as Zeus in Immortals
Luke Evans Immortals  Zeus costumeZeus film costume Immortals
Again it's another costume where you need a buff body to show off your rippling abs and pumped up pecs.
Zeus costume ImmortalsImmortals Zeus movie costume
Seeing these amazing costumes up close makes me want to see the movie on the big screen even more.
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