Iron Man 2 suit on display...

Today I was extremely fortunate enough to photograph this new Iron Man 2 suit on display in the staff restaurant at the Walt Disney Studios (who recently bought Marvel Comics for $4 billion) in Burbank, California.

Original Iron Man 2 suit
Iron Man 2 suit torso
Actual Iron Man 2 movie costume
Iron Man 2 suit film costume
New Iron Man 2 suitIron Man 2 suitIron Man 2 film suit
Iron Man 2 costume close-up
Two years ago I was lucky enough to see one of the original Iron Man suits worn by Robert Downey Jr. in the first movie, along with his character, Tony Stark's, sports car outside the ArcLight Hollywood cinema.

Iron Man 2 movie billboard
Iron Man 2 movie billboard
Sadly the ArcLight cinemas don't have any special costume or prop exhibits from the movie for the Marvel Comics sequel, so you can imagine my excitement at getting to see this suit of Iron Man armour up close in person.

New Iron Man 2 armour movie costume
Iron Man 2 suit helmetIron Man 2 suit movie costume
Iron Man 2 suit repulsors
Iron Man 2 movie costume
Iron Man 2 outstretched arm
The detail on this new suit worn in Iron Man 2 is incredible, from his golden helmet faceplate down to his gloved repulsor ray gauntlets. So once again I make no apologies for the number of photos as I'm sure fans will love all the close-up detail and 360º perspectives to make their own replica suits of armour.
Iron Man 2 armour costume
Original Iron Man 2 suit of armour
This upgraded armour, still in the traditional red and gold, now has accents of silver and seems a bit more streamlined than the suit in the first movie. This version also features a triangular chest-plate, rather than a circular one.
Iron Man 2 suit close-upIron Man 2 suit side-view
Iron Man 2 suit rear-view
Iron Man 2 film costumeIron Man 2 authentic suit
I have to say I love these pictures as the suit is in such an iconic hero pose, that several of them would make great Iron Man comic book covers.
Iron Man 2 armour repulsor

War Machine and Iron Man 2 movie billboard
Iron Man 2 and War Machine billboard
UPDATED: It's been pointed out on several occasions that this isn't the actual suit from the movie, but a replica fiberglass statue. I obviously didn't mean to mislead and I still think it's been a great reference for anyone wishing to create their own version of the Iron Man suit from the sequel.
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