Minotaur and Mondragon costumes from Immortals on display...

In Immortals, a mortal hero 'Theseus' (Henry Cavill) is chosen by the Greek gods to fight for humanity against 'King Hyperion' (Mickey Rourke) and his hordes, plus legendary mythological creatures like the minotaur.

Original Immortals movie costumes on display
Original Immortals Minotaur costumeImmortals movie costume exhibit
Immortals Mondragon Matthew Taylor costume
These villain costumes from the movie designed by Eiko Ishioka were photographed on display in the ArcLight Hollywood cinema foyer on October 17, 2011, where they were installed by Olson Visual.

Immortals movie billboard
Immortals film billboard
First up is the severe leather and animal hide costume worn by one of King Hyperion's Heraclean army, 'Mondragon', played by Matthew G. Taylor in the movie.

Mondragon costume worn by Matthew G. Taylor in Immortals
Mondragon Immortals costumeMondragon costume Immortals
Immortals Mondragon mask
Immortals Mondragon outfitImmortals Mondragon costume side detail
Mondragon Immortals film costume
Next up is an even more spectacular costume and mask from Tarsem Singh's epic fantasy, the re-imagined 'Minotaur' of legend.

Actual Minotaur costume worn by Robert Maillet in Immortals
Robert Maillet Minotaur Immortals costume
Minotaur costume Immortals
Minotaur costume side view Immortals
Immortals Minotaur film costumeRobert Maillet plays the unstoppable Minotaur, referred to as 'The Beast' in Immortals, and the towering seven foot tall Canadian actor can be seen in full costume in brutal battle against Theseus in the movie.
Minotaur mask
Minotaur mask ImmortalsImmortals minotaur mask
Minotaur mask Immortals movie
The Minotaur's mask is pretty amazing, as it's actually a mask within a barbed wiremask which is a great idea, although you can imagine it can't be comfortable to wear, move or even fight in. In the movie the barbed mask is coated with poison to inflict maximum damage to enemies.

If you like these fantastical creations, be sure to check out the costumes worn by Theseus and Zeus in Immortals too.

Immortals movie poster
Immortals movie poster
I don't know about you, but these original Immortals costumes are getting me pretty excited for the movie out on November 11, 2011.
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