Real Steel movie props and costumes on display...

Real Steel is a sci-fi movie set in the near future where robots have replaced human fighters in the ring. Hugh Jackman stars as 'Charlie Kenton', a small-time promoter who thinks he can turn a discarded robot into a contender in the World Robot Boxing championships, with the help of his son 'Max'.

Original costumes and props on display from Real Steel
Real Steel movie costumes
Real Steel movie costume and prop displayOriginal Real Steel movie props
These costumes and props featured in the movie were photographed on display at ArcLight Sherman Oaks cinema on October 3, 2011 and installed by Olson Visual.

Outfit worn by Hugh Jackman as Charlie Kenton in Real Steel
Real Steel Hugh Jackman movie costume
Hugh Jackman Real Steel movie outfit
Charlie wore this outfit when he went to the court to give up his custody rights of his son Max, whose mother had recently died.

Marlene Stewart was responsible for wardrobe design in the movie. You can also see her work in movies like Tropic Thunder, Coyote Ugly, The Phantom and Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

Outfit worn by Dakota Goyo as Max Kenton in Real Steel
Real Steel movie costumeReal Steel Dakota Goyo movie costume
Max wears these clothes in the movie when the robot Atom fights his first World Robot Boxing tournament and surprisingly wins.

Real Steel movie poster
Real Steel movie poster
In addition to the costumes worn by on-screen father and son, Hugh Jackman and Dakota Goyo, the exhibit also had these cool original props on display.

Actual props from Real Steel on display
Real Steel movie props
Included in the display were props used to control the robot boxers, like the remote for 'Midas' and the headset for 'Noisy Boy'.

Midas remote movie prop
Midas remote Real Steel movie propReal Steel Midas remote prop

Real Steel Midas robot poster
Real Steel Midas robot poster

Noisy Boy headset control prop
Real Steel Noisy Boy headset movie propReal Steel Noisy Boy headset prop

Real Steel Noisy Boy robot poster
Real Steel Noisy Boy robot poster
Also part of the selection of props were G2 robot schematics, stickers, magazines, World Robot Boxing tickets and props for the robot 'Zeus'.

Original Real Steel movie props on display
Real Steel Zeus movie propsReal Steel G2 robot schematicsWRB tickets Real Steel props
Hugh Jackman and sci-fi are two of my favourite things, so let's hope they make for a good film.
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