Original Terry English armour from Excalibur on display...

The 1981 fantasy movie Excalibur set in the British Dark Ages, tells the legend of King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table.

Original Terry English designed armour from Excalibur
Excalibur Terry English movie armour
Excalibur movie Merlin's helmet
Excalibur movie sword prop
Torquine armour Excalibur movie
To mark its 30th anniversary, the film was released on Bluray in March 2011 and fortunately whilst visiting the U.K. on January 25 this year, I photographed this fantastic exhibit of original armour and props from Excalibur on display at the London Film Museum.

Original King Arthur black suit of armour and
Merlin costume from Excalibur
King Arthur and Merlin Excalibur costumesExcalibur King Arthur Black suit of armour
John Boorman's movie was filled to the rafters with notable British and Irish thespians of stage and screen, the likes of Patrick Stewart, Liam Neeson, Gabriel Byrne and Helen Mirren to name but a few.

Nigel Terry played the legendary 'King Arthur' and wore this black suit of armour, whilst Nicol Williamson wore the robes, cloak and helmet of the mythical 'Merlin'.

Actual helmet worn by Merlin in Excalibur
Merlin's helmet Excalibur movie
In addition to Terry English's armour designs, Bob Ringwood was credited with Costume Design on the Medieval fantasy.

Excalibur movie poster
Excalibur movie poster
Patrick Stewart stars as 'Leondegrance', father of 'Guenevere' and prominent supporter of a young Arthur.

Silver suit of armour worn by Patrick Stewart
as Sir Leondegrance in Excalibur
Excalibur movie Silver Leondegrance armour
Two suits of armour worn by the future Star Trek Enterprise captain were on display, a silver and black version, plus Nicholas Clay's 'Lancelot' armour.

Black Leondegrance suit of armour and Sir Lancelot armour
worn by Nicholas Clay in Excalibur
Leondegrance and Lancelot Excalibur armour
Also included in the costume exhibit was the golden adult and child armour of the evil 'Mordred'.

Adult Mordred armour worn by Robert Addie and
Duke of Cornwall costume from Excalibur
Mordred and Duke of Cornwall armour Excalibur
Robert Addie played the adult Mordred, whilst Corin Redgrave wore the 'Duke of Cornwall' armour.

Boy Mordred armour worn by Charley Boorman in Excalibur
Charley Boorman child Mordred costume
Helen Mirren stars as the scheming 'Morgana' and this is her battle armour worn in the movie.
Masks and Morgana battle armour on display
Helen Mirren Morgana armour Excalibur
Morgana battle armour Excalibur
In addition to these wonderful pieces of armour, Terry English's spectacular work can also be seen in films like Aliens, Jabberwocky, Highlander II, Gladiator, Batman & Robin and King Arthur.

Excalibur movie poster
Excalibur movie poster
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