Kathy Bates prosthetic dummy and hobbling sledgehammer prop from Misery...

In 1990's movie adaptation of Stephen King's 1987 novel, Misery, Kathy Bates stars as the obsessed 'number one fan' who discovers the injured author (played by James Caan) of her favourite novel heroine 'Misery Chastain'.

Prosthetic dummy of Kathy Bates used in Misery
Kathy Bates Misery prosthetic special effectKathy Bates replica Misery special effectKathy Bates Misery special effect prostheticKathy Bates Misery prosthetic dummy
In his latest book, Misery was killed off by the famous writer and now 'Annie Wilkes' holds him hostage whilst he brings the character back to life in a new installment. She even goes so far as to 'hobble' the writer, breaking his ankles with a sledgehammer, to keep him confined to his bed and completing the book to her satisfaction.

Misery movie poster
Misery movie poster
'Paul Sheldon' has to use his author's imagination to concoct a plan to escape from his psychotic captor and I assume this prosthetic dummy of Kathy Bates was used in his final battle with the madwoman.

Original sledgehammer movie prop featured in Misery
Misery sledgehammer movie propMisery hobbling sledgehammer prop
This fantastic life-size prosthetic and the pivotal weapon prop from the wonderfully acted movie was photographed on display at the Planet Hollywood Cafe in Las Vegas on April 7, 2011.

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