Original cars from Fast Five on display at Universal Studios Hollywood...

If you're a car enthusiast and you're looking for something to do in the Summer holidays, pop along to Universal Studios Hollywood lot where you can see some of the original cars from Fast Five on display.

Jordanna Brewster's Ford GT40 from Fast Five
Fast Five 1966 Ford GT40 movie car1966 Ford GT40 Fast Five movie car
Jordanna Brewster Fast Five 1966 Ford GT40
Fast Five 1966 Ford GT40 car
My favourite car is the 1966 Ford GT40 driven by Jordanna Brewster as 'Mia Toretto' in this fifth installment in the Fast and Furious movies.
Fast Five Jordanna Brewster 1966 Ford GT40Fast Five 1966 Ford GT40 carFast Five 1966 Ford GT40 Jordanna Brewster

Fast Five movie billboard
Fast Five movie billboard
Also on display is another car driven by Jordanna Brewster in the fourth and new fifth film, the 2003 Honda Acura NSX.

Jordanna Brewster's 2003 Acura NSX from Fast Five
Fast Five Honda Acura NSXJordanna Brewster Fast Five 2003 Acura NSX
Fast Five 2003 Acura NSX car
You'll also be able to take a look as the car driven by Paul Walker as 'Brian O'Conner' in Fast Five.

Paul Walker's Nissan 370Z from Fast Five
Fast Five Paul Walker's Nissan 370zFast Five Paul Walker's Nissan 370z carPaul Walker Nissan 370z Fast Five car
And finally on display is Vin Diesel's or 'Dominic Toretto's' Dodge Charger from the original, third, fourth and fifth Fast and Furious movie.

Vin Diesel's 1970 Dodge Charger from
The Fast and the Furious movies
1970 Dodge Charger Fast and Furious carFast Furious Vin Diesel 1970 Dodge Charger
If you like these be sure to check out the other Fast and Furious movie cars that have been on display at Universal Studios Hollywood in the past.

Fast Five movie billboard
Fast Five billboard Hollywood
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