Movie props from The Mummy on display...

In 1999's fantasy adventure, The Mummy, 'The Book of the Dead' was used to resurrect the ancient cursed mummy 'Imhotep'. Luckily, another legendary tome, the Egyptian 'Book of Amun-Ra', also known as 'The Book of the Living' can be used to defeat the evil mummy.

Original movie props from The Mummy on display
The Mummy Book  of Amun-Ra prop

The golden Book of Amun-Ra movie prop
The Mummy movie prop and model
This golden book prop, a maquette of one of Imhotep's mummies and Egyptian knife weapons were on display at Universal Orlando's Horror Make-Up Show exhibit on September 23, 2010.

The Mummy movie poster
The Mummy movie poster
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