Chucky animatronic puppet from Child's Play on display...

In the 1988 cult horror movie Child's Play, a serial killer is shot and mortally wounded, but before dying finds shelter inside a toy store and uses a voodoo ritual to transfer his evil essence into a talking 'Good Guy' doll. Possessed by the soul of a murderer, 'Chucky' is born and the bloodshed begins.

Original Chucky animatronic on display
Chucky animatronic Child's Play display
Chucky Child's Play puppet
Chucky animatronic puppet Child's Play
Child's Play Chucky movie doll

Child's Play movie poster
Child's Play movie poster
Special effects and make-up artist, Kevin Yagher, was the designer and executor of the Chucky doll. Actor Brad Dourif provides the voice of Chucky.

Chucky's full name, 'Charles Lee Ray', is derived from a combination of notorious real-life killers Charles Manson, Lee Harvey Oswald and James Earl Ray.

Cult horror villain Chucky
Chucky Child's Play horror exhibitChild's Play Chucky animatronic
Child's Play Chucky animatronic doll
If you like this Chucky prop, you may also want to check out the Tiffany animatronic puppet on display at Universal Studios Hollywood from Seed of Chucky.

This creepy, scarred Chucky doll was photographed at Universal Orlando's Horror Make-Up Show on September 23, 2010 and for me is certainly one of the highlights of the fantastic behind-the-scenes movie exhibit.

Child's Play 2 movie poster
Child's Play 2 poster
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