Dead fisherman prop from Jaws...

In Steven Spielberg's classic 1975 movie, Jaws, Police Chief 'Martin Brody' (Roy Scheider) and Marine Biologist 'Matt Hooper' (Richard Dreyfuss) investigate a series of shark attacks around Amity Island.

Scouting aboard Hooper's boat they discover the wreckage of a half-sunken boat belonging to local fisherman 'Ben Gardner' (played by Craig Kingsbury), who went out hunting for the killer shark.

Dead fisherman Ben Gardner movie prop from Jaws
Ben Gardner fisherman Jaws movie prop
Exploring the sunken vessel underwater, they discover a giant shark's tooth and the severed head of the fisherman, which makes Hooper drop the tooth in shock.

This special make-up effect from Jaws was on display at Universal Orlando's Horror Make-Up Show in Florida on September 23, 2010.

Jaws movie poster
Jaws movie poster
Be sure to also check out the mechanical and concept drawings for the Jaws shark that were on display at Universal Studios Hollywood.

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