Original 1982 Tron movie costumes on display...

I may have been fortunate enough to see these classic Tron costumes from Disney's 1982 sci-fi cult favourite at the D23 Expo in Anaheim last year, but it was still a thrill to see them up close again under different lighting conditions at the Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives exhibition on July 17, 2012.
Actual Tron movie costumes on display
1982 Tron movie costume exhibit
1982 Tron movie costume display
Eloisse Jensson and Rosanna Norton were nominated for an Oscar for these now iconic looking costume designs.
Tron movie poster
Tron 1982 poster
First up is Jeff Bridges costume we wears as 'Kevin Flynn', a User who gets digitized into a world of programs who look like humans.

Kevin Flynn costume worn by Jeff Bridges in Tron
Kevin Flynn Tron costume
Original 1982 Tron costumes
If you like his outfit from the original movie, be sure to also check out Jeff Bridges costume from Tron: Legacy, the 2010 sequel.

Next, the mannequin holding the Identity Disc is the outfit worn by the Program 'Ram' played by Dan Shor.

Ram costume worn by Dan Shor in Tron
Ram costume 1982 Tron
Tron Ram movie costume
Ram movie costume 1982 Tron
Ram costume Identity Disc Tron
And then there's the costume for our titular hero, 'Tron', played by Bruce Boxleitner.

These skin-tight outfits look so simplistic now, but at the time with the cutting-edge special effects in the early 80's they looked so futuristic and super sci-fi when I was a kid.
Tron costume worn by Bruce Boxleitner
Bruce Boxleitner Tron movie costume
Original Tron 1982 movie costume
Original Tron 1982 movie costumes
Standing beside Tron is the costume worn by the female Program and his love interest 'Yuri' played by Cindy Morgan in the film.

Yuri costume worn by Cindy Morgan in Tron
Cindy Morgan Yuri Tron movie costume
Tron Yuri movie costume
Yuri Tron movie costume
If you did want to replicate this look, you'd have to keep in mind that this Yuri costume is missing a belt.

If you like these original outfits, be sure to check out the sexy Tron: Legacy Light-suits from the sequel that updated these classic costumes for a new generation.
Tron movie poster
Tron 1982 movie poster
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