10 men's costume ideas for Halloween from the movies...

If you've not yet decided what you're going to wear this Halloween, maybe these ten original movie costumes for men which I've come across this year will provide you with some much needed inspiration.
Bane costume Dark Knight Rises
I've no doubt that Bane is going to be a popular choice this Halloween season, especially as with a good replica mask (like this one from AmazonBatman The Dark Knight Rises Bane 3/4 Adult Mask Size One Size) and the right coat, it's a fairly easy outfit to replicate.
Batman costume Dark Knight Rises
Obviously if you prefer to be a tad more heroic then there's always a Bat-suit like this one worn by Christian Bale in The Dark Knight Rises, with plenty of other variations on the Batman costume widely available.

Superman Returns costume
For something more colourful there's always a classic look like Superman. I came across this original Superman Returns suit worn by Brandon Routh in the 2006 movie at the London Film Museum in may this year.

Captain America
Captain America Avengers costume
If you live in the U.S. and you're feeling patriotic then there's only one costume for you this season and that's Captain America. This is the Sentinel of Liberty's red, white and blue updated look from the box office blockbuster Marvel's The Avengers.
John Carter
John Carter movie costume
If you have a great body and are not afraid to show it off, then maybe a Martian 'John Carter' costume is the way to go.

Prince Edward
Prince Edward Enchanted movie costume
For something more regal and flamboyant, this fairytale 'Prince Edward' costume worn by James Marsden in Disney's Enchanted movie is a great example.
The Dictator
Dictator movie costume
For a fun, over-the-top military look you could try something like Sacha Baron Cohen's costume from The Dictator. A second-hand military uniform, an exaggerated sash with lots of medals and a good beard could be quite a simple outfit to put together.
Roman Emperor Commodus
Emperor Commodus Gladiator movie costume
If you're a history buff, maybe a Roman chest-plate and tunic like this one worn by Joaquin Phoenix in Gladiator spied in the costume archives at Universal Studios Hollywood this year will provide inspiration.

Matai Shang
Matai Shang John Carter movie costume
If you're feeling villainous this Halloween, then there's always this fantastical robed look worn by Mark Strong as 'Matai Shang' in Disney's sci-fi adventure (and box office flop) John Carter.

Mamma Mia's Bill 
Bill Mamma Mia dance finale costume
If you want something a like more disco, you can't go wrong with this ABBA-inspired glam-rock look worn by Stellan Skarsgard in Mamma Mia: The Movie.

Hopefully this selection of superheroes, villains, princes and dictators have given you some ideas.

Whatever you decide on, happy hauntings.
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