Period costumes on display at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas...

Here's a selection of eclectic costumes from different time periods, from the Roman Empire to Medieval Times and even 17th century France, all on display at the Planet Hollywood Cafe in Las Vegas on April 7, 2011.

Cardinal Richelieu costume worn by Charlton Heston
in The Three Musketeers
Three Musketeers Charlton Heston costume
Charlton Heston Three Musketeers costume
Charlton Heston Three Musketeers costume
First up is these red robes worn by Charlton Heston as 'Cardinal Richelieu' in the 1973 version of The Three Musketeers. This outfit was designed by Yvonne Blake, who also word on Superman and Superman II.

The Three Musketeers movie poster
The Three Musketeers 1973 movie poster
Keeping with the Charlton Heston theme and the next costume was worn in the 1959 epic, Ben-Hur.

Charioteer costume worn by Stephen Boyd in Ben-Hur
Stephen Boyd Ben-Hur Charioteer costume
Ben-Hur Charioteer movie costume
Stephen Boyd wore this Roman costume as 'Messala' and it was designed by Elizabeth Haffenden.
Ben-Hur movie poster
Ben-Hur movie poster
Here's another iconic piece of movie memorabilia from the Roman Empire classic, Spartacus, the loincloth worn by Kirk Douglas as the infamous slave in the 1960 epic.

Loincloth worn by Kirk Douglas in Spartacus
Kirk Douglas Spartacus loinclothKirk Douglas Spartacus movie loincloth
Also on display from this same movie, was this outfit worn by Charles Laughton as 'Sempronius Gracchus'.

Costume worn by Charles Laughton in Spartacus
Charles Laughton Spartacus costume
Valles (born Fred Valles) was responsible for Costume Design on this epic film.
Spartacus movie poster
Spartacus movie poster
Next is the outfit worn by Victor Mature as 'Demetrius' in 1953's The Robe, set in the time of Jesus Christ.

Costume worn by Victor Mature in The Robe
Victor Mature The Robe outfitVictor Mature The Robe costume
Emile Santiago was the Costume Designer on The Robe.

The Robe movie poster
The Robe movie poster
And finally for this installment of clothes featured on the big screen, it's the outfit worn by Katherine Hepburn as 'Eleanor of Aquitaine' alongside Anthony Hopkins and Peter O'Toole in the Medieval drama, The Lion of Winter.

Costume worn by Katherine Hepburn in The Lion in Winter
Katherine Hepburn Lion in Winter costume
This creation was designed by Margaret Furse whose work can also be seen in such classics as Oliver Twist and Scrooge.

The Lion in Winter movie poster
The Lion in Winter movie poster
If you like these, be sure to also check out these sci-fi and fantasy costumes on display and costumes from musical movies.
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