DHARMA Initiative VW van from LOST...

Amongst the movie and television memorabilia at this year's Disney D23 Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center on August 19, 2011, was this distinctive VW van belonging to the DHARMA Initiative in the captivating TV show LOST.

DHARMA Initiative VW Type 2a bus from TV's LOST
LOST Dharma Initiative VW vanDharma Initiative van logo LOSTDharma VW van LOST
This Volkswagen Type 2a bus (1968-1972) appeared as part of the motor pool that the DHARMA Initiative used to transport people and supplies around the mysterious island.

This is one of two remaining vans, in its original distressed condition, that exist in Disney's Archive Collection and was used during several seasons of LOST.

LOST TV billboard
LOST finale TV billboard
The front of the van sports the DHARMA main logo in place of the traditional Volkswagen emblem.

360˚ view of the DHARMA Initiative van from LOST
Dharma VW Type 2a busLOST Dharma VW vanDharma Initiative VW van LOSTDharma VW van LOST
LOST Dharma logo
If you're a LOST fan, you'll also want to take a look at these Sawyer and Kate DHARMA Initiative uniforms on display.
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