Universal's Lucille Ball TV Tribute - Part two...

In addition to all the wonderful outfits worn in shows like I Love Lucy and Here's Lucy, there was a fantastic array of personal effects, props and memorabilia as part of the Lucille Ball TV Tribute exhibit at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida on September 23, 2010.

Original Lucille Ball memorabilia on display
Here's Lucy TV memorabiliaHere's Lucy Director's Chair and robe
The entertainer's illustrious career spanned decades and this director's chair, robe and trunk are from her time backstage during the production of her third network television show, Here's Lucy, which ran from 1968 to 1974 on CBS.

I Love Lucy poster
I Love Lucy poster
Also on display were these fabulous cowboy boots worn in an episode of The Lucy Show, Lucille Ball's follow-up sitcom to I Love Lucy, which aired from 1962 to 1968.

Cowboy boots from The Lucy Show
The Lucy Show cowboy bootsLucille Ball'd Cowboy Boots The Lucy Show
Also pictured with the boots is original artwork from her only Broadway musical show 'Wildcat', which the performer starred in at 48 years old and opened in 1960.

Wildcat musical poster
Cowboy Boots The Lucy ShowIn the I Love Lucy episode 'Ricky Loses his voice', Lucy accompanied herself on the ukulele while singing "Five Foot Two, Eyes of blue" at a show she and the Mertz's put together at the Tropicana Club.

Ukulele played in I Love Lucy
Lucille Ball Ukulele displayLucille Ball's UkuleleIn another I Love Lucy episode from the 1950's, 'Tennessee Ernie Hangs On', Lucy wore these thimble tipped gloves whilst playing a washboard accompanying guest star Tennessee Ernie Ford singing "Ya'll come".

Thimble tipped glove prop from I Love Lucy
Lucille Ball's Thimble tipped glovesThe tribute to the star of stage, screen and radio also featured magazine covers featuring Lucille Ball and hats that she wore during her successful career.

Lucille Ball magazine covers
Lucille Ball magazine covers
Hats worn by Lucille Ball on display
Lucille Ball's hatsLucille Ball hats
Apparently the actress owned an extensive collection of fans, these are just two on display, which were often sent as gifts by admirers.

Fans from Lucille Ball's private collection
Lucille Ball's fans
Desi Arnaz was a famous Cuban-born American musician, actor and TV producer, who starred alongside Lucille Ball as her on-screen husband 'Ricky Ricardo' in I Love Lucy,whilst he was also married to her at the time in real life.

Desi Arnaz mementos on display
Desi Arnaz hats and conga drum
The hats are from an extensive collection that he used in his professional and personal life. The straw hat, along with the conga drum, made up Desi's trademark look.

Award Sword presented to Desi Arnaz
Desi Arnaz Award Sword
The sword pictured here was one of many awards he received for his work in television and for charity, and is inscribed "3rd Annual Latin American Fiesta Distinguished Citizen Award to Desi Arnaz, Tampa, Florida - 1977".

Speaking of awards, Lucille Ball, received many accolades in her distinguished career.

Lucille Ball's Emmy Awards on display
Lucille Ball's Emmy Awards
I Love Lucy and The Lucy Show were nominated thirteen times and won a total of five Emmys. The star was also awarded a special sixth Emmy, the Governor's Award, posthumously in 1989.
Lucille Ball's Emmys
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