Susan Sarandon's Queen Narissa costume from Enchanted...

Following in the footsteps of classic animated Disney villains, Susan Sarandon actually had the chance to bring her villainous character, 'Queen Narissa', to life in the animation to live-action 2007 comedy fairytale, Enchanted.

Queen Narissa costume worn by Susan Sarandon in Enchanted
Enchanted Queen Narissa costume
Enchanted Queen Narissa movie gown
Enchanted Queen Narissa film costume
In order to keep her ill-gotten crown, the evil Queen Narissa banishes 'Giselle' (Amy Adams) from the animated kingdom of Andalasia to the very real world of New York City. However, when her evil scheming doesn't go to plan she's forced to travel to the human world and finish the job in person.

Enchanted movie poster
Enchanted film poster
Susan Sarandon wore this magical costume when Narissa makes a surprise appearance at the King and Queen's Ball towards the climax of the movie.

Original Queen Narissa costume exhibit
Enchanted Queen Narissa costume
Enchanted Queen Narissa costume back
The outfit is styled in the tradition of the great Disney villains like the 'Queen' in Snow White and 'Maleficent' from Sleeping Beauty.

Narissa gown concept sketch
Enchanted Narissa costume concept sketch
The beautifully iridescent gown was designed by Mona May and the scale-like detail incorporated into the dress is due to the fact that Narissa uses her sorceress powers to transform into a fearsome dragon at the end of the movie to try and kill Giselle.

Queen Narissa dress detail
Enchanted Narissa costume detailQueen Narissa Enchanted costumeEnchanted Queen Narissa Susan Sarandon costume
Queen Narissa Enchanted movie costume
It was fantastic to see this amazingly detailed costume up close as it looked even more impressive in person than on the big screen. The outfit was on display at The American Film Institute showcase of movie villain costumes at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida on September 22, 2010.
Susan Sarandon's Narissa Enchanted costume
If you like this costume you'll also probably love Giselle's curtain dress worn by Amy Adams in Enchanted.

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