Alien movie costume from James Cameron's Aliens...

James Cameron's Aliens is one of my all time favourite sci-fi action movies and probably one of the best sequels ever made.

Original Alien costume from James Cameron's Aliens
Aliens movie costume
Alien body suit James Cameron's Aliens
Actual Alien costume from Aliens
The 1986 movie has suspense, horror, space marines, explosions, face huggers, chest bursters, the Alien Queen and an iconic heroine with a big gun who's not afraid to use it. In the original
Ridley Scott
helmed space classic, 'Ellen Ripley' (Sigourney Weaver) only faced one Alien, in the sequel she has to face a whole army of the deadly creatures.

Aliens movie poster
Aliens Ripley posterAs the H.R. Giger inspired Alien is such a creature design classic, I was totally thrilled to see this original Alien body suit used in Aliens on display at the AFI movie villain costume showcase at Disney's Hollywood Studios on September 22, 2010, courtesy of Planet Hollywood Inc.

Actual creature body-suit from Aliens
James Cameron Aliens costumeAlien costume from James Cameron's AliensAliens costume side viewAlien costume from AliensActual Alien movie costumeAlien costume legs and feet
The costume is amazingly detailed when you see it up close, from its skeletal-like frame to its spiny tale, and you can just imagine it dripping with slime as it chases Ripley and her ragtag group of survivors through the air vents of the colony on planet LV-426.

360° view of the Alien costume
Aliens monster costumeAlien creature movie costumeAlien creature costume backAlien creature costume reverseAlien costume tailAliens creature costume
Original Aliens costume
On screen you totally forget there's a man inside the creature body-suit.

Now this would make a truly scary costume to wear for Halloween.

Aliens movie poster
Aliens movie poster
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