The world of Coraline stop-motion animation puppets...

Here are some of the intricate stop-motion models from 2009's animated movie Coraline, brought to the big screen by The Nightmare Before Christmas director Henry Selick and the talented animators at Laika.

Original stop-motion animation figure from Coraline
Corlaine stop-motion modelCoraline animation puppet
Coraline stop-motion animation puppet
Photographed on display at Universal Studios Hollywood on June 21, 2010, the world of Coraline is painstakingly brought to life frame-by-frame by subtly manipulating the characters, sets and miniature props. There are twenty-four frames per second in a motion picture, and when all the frames are brought together sequentially the animated world comes to life.

Coraline movie poster
Coraline movie poster
In the same way that a live-action movie has to be properly lit, and its stars clothed and coiffed, the same applies for stop-motion animation.

If you're a fan of stop-motion animation be sure to check out even more Coraline puppets on display, plus models from the cinematic version of Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Ghost children stop-motion animation puppets from Coraline
Coraline stop-motion ghost children puppets

Coraline movie poster
Coraline ghost children poster
Learn more about the secrets of how they made the movie with the official accompanying book: Coraline: A Visual Companion
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