Original Inception movie costumes and props on display...

Now that the curtain has been pulled back on Christopher Nolan's audacious sci-fi thriller, Inception, it's even more exciting to see original costumes and props on display from the amazing movie.

Original Inception movie costume and prop exhibit
at ArcLight Sherman Oaks cinema
Inception movie costume and prop display
Actual Inception movie costumes
Inception Arthur and Ariadne movie costumes
Inception movie prop display
Inception movie costume and prop exhibit
On July 19, 2010 costumes worn in the movie by Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Marion Cotillard were exhibited at the ArcLight Sherman Oaks cinema. Enjoy this selection of photographs and short video of the movie display.

Inception movie poster
Inception poster
First up in more detail is one of the outfits worn by Ellen Page who plays 'Ariadne' in the movie. She is the 'Architect' on the special team of dream invaders, who is a newly recruited college student responsible for constructing the world of the dream.

Costume worn by Ellen Page as Ariadne in Inception
Ellen Page Inception movie costumeInception Ellen Page movie costumeEllen Page Inception Ariadne costumeInception Ellen Page film costume
Arthur and Ariadne Inception costume display
Next are some props featured in the movie, including Ariadne's school bag and the high-tech 'Dream Case' equipment, along with instruction manual, which is used to put the Dreamers to sleep.

Actual props used in Inception
Inception movie propsInception Dream Case film propInception Dream Case movie prop

Inception movie poster
Inception movie poster
The fantastic Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays 'Arthur', the 'Point Man' responsible for researching the team's targets. As you can see from this suit, Arthur is quite a fashionable gent and snappy dresser.

Suit worn by Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Arthur in Inception
Inception Arthur movie suitInception Arthur movie costumeInception Joseph Gordon-Levitt Arthur suit
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is seen wearing this sharp grey three-piece suit towards the beginning of the movie after their failed incursion into Saito's (played by Ken Watanabe) dreams.

Inception movie poster
Inception Arthur posterThis next outfit is worn by Leonardo DiCaprio as 'Dom Cobb' is from the first dream level of Robert Fischer's (Cillian Murphy) mind, directly after they enter for the first time and kidnap him by hijacking a yellow taxi cab. Cobb is an 'Extractor', a professional mind thief who steals secrets from his victims dreams.

Outfit worn by Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception
Leonardo DiCaprio Inception movie costumeLeonardo DiCaprio Inception movie outfit
Arthur Inception movie costumeInception Leonardo DiCaprio Cobb costume
Original Inception movie costumes
Marion Cotillard plays the dead ex-wife of Leonardo DiCaprio's character, 'Cobb'. 'Mal' now only exists as part of his subconscious.

This is the outfit she wears when she disrupts Arthur and Cobb's extraction in Saito's dreamscape towards the beginning of the movie.

Original costume worn by Marion Cotillard as Mal in Inception
Marion Cotillard Mal Inception movie costumeMarion Cotillard's Inception movie costume
Mal Marion Cotillard Inception movie costume
Costume Designer Jeffrey Kurland is responsible for the distinctive look of the outfits in the movie. The suits and outfits were created especially for Inception. Fabrics were found and bought, tailored by Dennis Kim, shirts made by shirtmaker Anto of Beverly Hills and dresses produced by dressmaker Mary Ellen Fields of Hargate Costumes in L.A.

Inception Movie poster
Inception Mal movie poster

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Actual outfits worn in Inception
Original Inception film costumesInception movie costumes
Inception Cobb and Mal costumes
Go deeper behind-the-scenes with this book of the movie in the USA: Inception: The Shooting Script

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