Emily Browning's Babydoll costume from Sucker Punch...

To help build excitement for Zack Snyder's forthcoming action-fantasy extravaganza, Sucker Punch, the ArcLight Pasadena cinema has a wonderful array of original costumes and props on display from the movie.

Original Babydoll costume worn by
Emily Browning in Sucker Punch
Emily Browning Sucker Punch Babydoll costume
Sucker Punch movie costumeSucker Punch Babydoll movie costume
Emily Browning Sucker punch Babydoll costume
This is Emily Browning's 'Babydoll' costume from the movie and it's just one of the amazing outfits on display that I'll be showcasing here at Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props in the coming days.

Sucker Punch Babydoll movie poster
Sucker Punch Babydoll poster
After being unfairly imprisoned in a 1950's mental institution, a young school girl (Babydoll) escapes into her imagination of battlefields, dragons and samurai with her gang of kick-ass girls.

Michael Wilkinson was responsible for Costume Design to help bring this vision of alternate worlds to life. He's worked with the director, Zack Snyder, before, designing the costumes on Watchmen and you can also see his costume designs in Tron: Legacy.

Actual Babydoll outfit featured in Sucker Punch on display
Sucker Punch Babydoll costume
Babydoll Sucker Punch film costumeBabydoll Sucker Punch costumeBabydoll Sucker Punch costume
Babydoll Sucker Punch outfitBabydoll Sucker Punch outfit side viewSucker Punch Babydoll costume backBabydoll Sucker Punch movie outfit
Original Babydoll Sucker Punch costume
I was fortunate to see these Sucker Punch costumes up close and I feel that they'll be popular choices come Halloween this year, especially Babydoll's Japanese schoolgirl inspired outfit. For those interested in creating their own Cosplay costumes, the material is like a denim linen.

Sucker Punch poster wall at ArcLight Pasadena
Sucker Punch posterwall ArcLight Pasadena
In addition to the soon to be iconic outfit, the costume and prop exhibit also featured Babydoll's weapons of choice, her samurai sword and handgun.

Original weapon props used by Babydoll in Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch Babydoll gunSucker Punch Babydoll samurai sword
Keep tuned to Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props in the days to come for more original props from the film used by the lead female characters.

And to whet your appetite here's a glimpse of the other costumes worn by Vanessa Hudgens, Abbie Cornish, Jena Malone and Jamie Chung in the movie.

Original Sucker Punch movie costume exhibit
Babydoll and Blondie Sucker Punch costumesSucker Punch movie costumesSucker Punch movie costume display
Original Sucker Punch movie costumes
Original Sucker Punch film costumes
These costumes were photographed on display at ArcLight Pasadena cinema on March 11, 2011, with graphics and installation by Olson Visual.

Sucker Punch Babydoll movie poster
Babydoll Sucker Punch poster
Go behind-the-scenes of the movie with this official book: Sucker Punch: The Art of the Movie by Zack Snyder

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