Glaive movie prop from Krull...

Imagine my fan-boy excitement when I chanced upon this 'Glaive' movie prop from 1983's fantasy-adventure Krull.

Glaive movie prop from Krull on display
Krull Glaive movie propGlaive Krull movie prop
To me when I was growing up this five-bladed weapon shaped like a star really captured my imagination. It was as cool as Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber, as the ancient and magical weapon returned to the wielder hand like a boomerang when thrown.

In the movie 'Prince Colwyn' (Ken Marshall) use the Glaive to rescue 'Princess Lyssa' and marry her to unite their rival kingdoms against the evil 'Beast' and his invading army of 'Slayers'.

Derek Meddings was the original prop designer of the Glaive for Krull.

Krull movie poster
Krull movie poster
This cool prop was photographed at the London Film Museum on January 25, 2011, alongside a treasure trove of other movie memorabilia on display.

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