The Munsters monster make-up display...

The Munsters was a TV comedy which ran from 1964 to 1966 and starred a family of monsters. 'Herman Munster' resembled Frankenstein's creation, his wife 'Lily' and 'Grandpa' (her father) were vampires, their young son 'Eddie' a werewolf and their niece 'Marilyn', was a normal human girl.

The Munsters make-up display at Universal Studios Orlando
The Munsters make-up display
Herman Munster make-up display Universal
The Munsters life cast make-up

The Munsters TV Show
The Munsters TV show
Fred Gwynne played 'Herman Munster' and his Frankenstein's monster make-up, along with the looks for the other Munsters were designed under the guidance of Bud Westmore by Karl Silvera, Per Westmore, Abe Haberman and Mike Westmore.

Make-up worn by Fred Gwynne as Herman Munster
Herman Munster make-up castHerman Munster make-upFred Gwynne Herman Munster make-up
Al Lewis played 'Grandpa' and this life cast of the actor's face was on display at Universal Orlando's Horror Make-up Show in Florida on September 23, 2010.

Al Lewis life cast for Grandpa
Al Lewis Grandpa life cast The MunstersAl Lewis life cast Grandpa The Munsters
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