Ben Stiller's Greenberg movie costume and original props...

Ben Stiller stars alongside Rhys Ifans, Greta Gerwig and Jennifer Jason Leigh, as a New Yorker who moves to Los Angeles to figure out his life in the dramatic comedy Greenberg.

Greenberg movie costume and prop exhibit
Greenberg movie costume display
These are original props used in the film and the costume worn by Ben Stiller as 'Roger Greenberg' on display in the foyer of the ArcLight Hollywood cinema.

Original movie outfit worn by Ben Stiller in Greenberg
Greenberg Ben Stiller movie costume
Ben Stiller Greenberg film costume
Actual Greenberg movie costume

Greenberg movie poster
Greenberg movie poster
Also on display with the costume were original props used in the movie including promotional flyers and children's hand puppets.

Actual Greenberg movie props
on display at ArcLight Hollywood cinema
Greenberg movie propsGreenberg movie puppet propsOriginal Greenberg movie props
Greenberg movie puppets
These photographs of the actual movie outfit and props were taken on March 19, 2010.

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