Avatar movie props and costume accessories...

Even though James Cameron's futuristic sci-fi blockbuster utilizes the latest in CGI special effects, the movie still features many detailed props and intricate costume accessories.

This selection of original items from the film were on display at the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood on December 28, 2009.

Original props from Avatar on display at the Cinerama Dome
Actual Avatar movie props
Sam Worthington plays 'Jake Sully' a paraplegic Marine veteran who travels to the moon of Pandora to remotely operate a genetically engineered 'Avatar' hybrid of human and the indigenous Na'vi species.

Jake Sully's wheelchair prop as featured in Avatar
Avatar movie prop Jake's wheelchair
The alien blue-skinned Na'vi are tall tribal forest dwellers who live in harmony with their environment and wear little aside from colourful feathered and beaded clothing.

Costume accessories worn by Jake Sully's hybrid 'Avatar'
Jake Sully Avatar movie props
Above are the head dress, arm band, chocker and neckless worn by Jake as a member of the Omaticaya clan.

Actual boots and socks worn by Jake Sully's 'Avatar'
Avatar film props Jake's boots
These massive boots and socks worn by Jake's 'Avatar' when he leaves the human base at the start of the movie help to illustrate how tall and proportionately bigger than humans the aliens are.

Jake Sully's Na'vi bow from Avatar
Avatar movie prop Jake Sully's bow
The native tribes use bows, arrows and knives to take on the guns, flame-throwers and missiles of the invading humans.

Avatar movie poster
Avatar movie poster

Avatar costume accessories worn by Na'vi alien 'Neytiri'
Neytiri's wristband Avatar movie props
Avatar Na'vi movie props
Above are costume accessories including arm and wrist bands, a feather necklace and even a herb pouch worn by the Pandora native 'Neytiri', played in the movie by Zoe Saldana.

Na'vi alien costume accessories featured in Avatar
Avatar Na'vi tribe movie feather costume accessories
In addition to the indigenous Na'vi accessories the exhibit also featured a selection of human military helmets, weapons and other props to help create the futuristic world of Avatar.

Actual props from James Cameron's Avatar
Avatar movie weapon propsOriginal Avatar movie props
Authentic Avatar movie props
Original Avatar film props

Avatar film poster
Avatar film poster
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Go behind-the-scenes with the accompanying official book of the movie in the USA: The Art of Avatar: James Cameron's Epic Adventure
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