Actual Taking Woodstock movie costumes and props on display...

These original movie costumes and props are from Taking Woodstock the comedy about the generation-defining concert in the summer of 1969. This display was photographed at ArcLight Hollywood on August 19, 2009.

Taking Woodstock movie costume and prop exhibit
ArcLight cinema Taking Woodstock film display
Taking Woodstock film costumes and props
Taking Woodstock movie costume display
The film's costumes were designed by Joseph G. Aulisi, who also worked on the wardrode for the Charlie's Angels and the Steve Martin Pink Panther movies.

Actual costumes worn by Liev Schreiber
and Demetri Martin in Taking Woodstock
Taking Woodstock film costumes
Vilma and Elliot film costumes from Taking Woodstock
Original Taking Woodstock film costumes
Included in the costumes was the outfit worn by Liev Schreiber as 'Vilma', a woman with a secret, which she reveals to 'Elliot Teichberg' (Demetri Martin) in her introductory scene.
Taking Woodstock Vilma and Elliot costumes
Elliot moves back upstate from Greenwich Village, New York to help his family run their dilapidated Catskills motel, The El Monaco. Elliot wears the Baja pullover on the right when he misplaces his own clothing during Woodstock.

Original costume worn by Jonathan Groff as 'Michael Lang'
Jonathan Groff's Taking Woodstock movie costume
Taking Woodstock Michael Lang movie costume
Original Taking Woodstock movie costumes
The costume on the right is 'Michael Lang's' (Jonathan Groff) signature look complete with muddy boots used for riding through the fields after Woodstock is over.

T-shirt with the Woodstock logo
worn by some of the volunteers in the movie
Taking Woodstock concert T-shirt movie costume
Taking Woodstock movie costumes

Taking Woodstock movie poster
Taking Woodstock movie poster

Original movie props used in Taking Woodstock
Actual Taking Woodstock movie props
The film exhibit at Arclight Hollywood also featured an array of original props from the movie, including a baseball ball that Elliot's dad, 'Jake Teichberg' (played by Henry Goodman), uses to chase some hippies off his land accompanied by Vilma for protection.
Taking Woodstock baseball bat movie prop
The Teichberg's neighbour, 'Max Yagur' (Eguene Levy), is the only one in town with enough land to hold the music festival that would become Woodstock. His milk is served during negotiations.
Taking Woodstock yogurt and milk carton movie props
One of the character's in the movie has a secret past as a cigar smoking G.I.
Taking Woodstock cigar and photo movie props
Actual Taking Woodstock movie costumes and props
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